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There are many favorable factors in domestic medical machinery industry
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  Medical treatment is one of the three major livelihood topics. As an important support of the medical system, the medical device industry has received more and more attention. When the concept of urbanization is gradually taken seriously, the market of medical equipment industry has been excavated.

  At present, China's medical device market has exceeded 100 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of about 23%. It is estimated that the medical device market will reach 340 billion yuan by 2015. However, it should be noted that compared with the global medical devices accounted for 42% of the total pharmaceutical market, China's share of medical machinery is still relatively low only 14%.

  Analysts from Shangpu Consulting Pharmaceutical Industry pointed out that with the acceleration of urbanization, the demand for medical services will increase by 200 billion yuan, and the supply of state-led medical services will increase by about 250 billion yuan. In addition, the annual commitment of the Ministry of Health in August 2012 is 10 times higher than that of 2008. Promoted by favorable factors, the medical device industry may achieve high-speed development.

  From a policy perspective, following the release of the 12th Five-Year Plan for the Medical Device Science and Technology Industry, the Health China 2020 Strategic Research Report mentions that seven major medical system projects involving up to 400 billion yuan will be launched in the next eight years, which makes investors concerned about the medical device industry excellent. God inspires us.

  Previous health care reform and urbanization, which had been emphasized, were mutually reinforcing. Because the process of urbanization naturally involves the construction and upgrading of the medical system, the benefit of medical devices is also reasonable. Nowadays, medical device manufacturers at home and abroad are closely watching the market of county hospital construction.

  In terms of trend, the aging trend guarantees an expanding market for some specific medical devices such as oxygen suppliers and blood glucose meters, followed by the medical reform, which is mentioned in the 12th Five-Year Plan of the State Council. By 2015, the number of beds and services of non-public medical institutions will reach 20% of the total number of medical institutions. Under the background of increasing medical security, private medical equipment purchase will also propel the development of the industry; the third is the new GMP plan, for example, the new GMP has high requirements for aseptic preparations enterprises, all of which should be passed before the end of 2013; ^ the latter is substitution, and now most of the high-end medical devices are mostly high-end ones. Foreign imports, and with the gradual upgrading of technology, China's production of high-end medical devices has gradually become a substitute strength.

  According to the "Analysis and Investigation Report of China's Electronic Medical Device Industry from 2013 to 2017", if we take "urbanization" and "medical reform" as an opportunity to excavate, the listed companies can be divided into three categories: engineering, chain and equipment. In addition, besides the normal growth of market scale, the medical device industry also has two opportunities: import substitution and upgrading.